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DEN Seattle LinkedIn Group:  An Important Networking Tool

One of the most important missions of DEN Seattle is to help people network, and to find resources necessary to propel Dartmouth entrepreneurs.

LinkedIn can be a very useful tool for connecting with others with similar business and professional interests.  Not only can you see your contacts and useful information in their profiles, but you can also network with their contacts.  In the spirit of mutual trust and support, we can then broaden our circle beyond our Dartmouth group.

What can you do on LinkedIn?

When you have joined the DEN Seattle group, our logo will appear on your profile:


Using LinkedIn, you can:
Control your contact preferences:  You can set your preferences on LinkedIn, to select how much information people can access in your profile, who can see your connections, and how you would like to be contacted.

View DEN Seattle LinkedIn group members:
Next to the group logo, you will see a link to "See all Members," which takes you to a list of all our members on LinkedIn.
See member profiles and connections:  You can view members profiles, including their expertise and prior work experience and education, and, if allowed by them, their connections as well. 
Contact group members:  For some group members who have allowed it, you can simply click the "send email" button from their profile page.  For others, you can use the LinkedIn "Introduction" feature, which allows them to choose how to respond.

How to Join the Group

Any one who joins DEN Seattle using the membership form will be invited to join our LinkedIn group. You will receive a welcome email giving you the information needed to do so. This email will be sent from <>; please add this address to your safe-list.

If you haven't yet received this email and you've already signed up with us, and think you should be part of the group, please email Adil Ahmad at contact AT

In your email, please include your connection to Dartmouth, and the name and e-mail address you used to sign up at We will send you the link to join our group.

LinkedIn Rules of the Road

When using LinkedIn, please respect the general DEN Seattle Community Rules.

It is also important, when setting up your own LinkedIn profile and settings, to reflect your preferences how you would like to be contacted, if at all.
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