DEN Seattle Community Rules

We request you to kindly respect the following community rules of DEN Seattle. Please remember that these are about the spirit of the law, not the letter.  Respect your fellow Dartmouth affiliates and they will respect you!

1) DEN Seattle is a trusted network. You're invited to make the most of it, but please respect the confidentiality, idea sharing, and intellectual property, of your fellow members.

2) The purpose of this network is primarily for advice, questions, and community building; not solicitation. We hope valuable connections will be made, which can be pursued outside of the DEN Seattle arena.

3) Networking is encouraged, but it is not acceptable to treat DEN Seattle events or information as sales leads, mailing lists or for other purely commercial purposes.

4) DEN Seattle recommends that you request and obtain express permission from your fellow DEN Seattle member or someone you met at a DEN event, if you are going to add their name to any mass mailing lists. Uninvited spamming based merely on an exchange of business cards is strongly discouraged.

5) DEN Seattle recommends a spirit of cooperation and education.

6) Please respect the fact that DEN Seattle is a voluntary network built on the principles of mutual trust and understanding.

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